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how to buy a computer for dummies

How to buy a computer for dummies

Before you go out to buy a computer you need to ponder two very important questions which is why do you need a computer and how much you are willing to shell out for a computer.

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Headphone Selection Criteria

Headphones selecting criteria.

Headphones for professional use will have a different set of selection criteria than those for home or portable use.

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How To Clean A Touchscreen Mobile Phone

How to clean a Touch Screen ?

Regular cleaning of your Touch-Screen would not only keep the mobile look new all the time but will also ensure its longevity. Below are 4 steps which will help you keep your Touch-Screen free from smudges and scratches.

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How To Buy A Computer Speaker

How to buy a Computer Speaker?

Although most of the interaction between computer and user is visual, computer speakers are still  considered an important part of a computer system.

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How to Clean a Computer Screen

How to Clean a Computer Screen?

Your Computer Screen TFT or LCD is an expensive component which require a bit of special care when cleaning your notebook or desktop computer.

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Tablet Buying Guide ?

Tablet Buying Guide - How to choose a Tablet

To choose a right tablet from so many brands can be a tricky business. The tremendous popularity of the iPads has helped to make tablets the fastest growing segment of the personal computer market.

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